– How much should I invest every month so that I can retire peacefully?
– Which is the best investment option?
– Whether I can withdraw my investments whenever I need?
– What is the impact of this investment on my taxes?

Do such question scare and confuse you?! – If yes, then you are normal.. If not, better start worrying if you want a peaceful life!!

Planning, as they say, is half the battle won.. and when it comes to financial planning, the earlier you plan the better!!

Just as a single medicine does not work for all your ailments, a common financial plan does not work for all your financial problems. Your financial plan for life should be custom made for you and should ensure that you sleep peacefully, live your working life comfortably and retire confidently.

Our approach:

  1. Book an appointment for financial health checkup
  2. We ask you questions which help us understand your financial health and formulate a strong financial plan
  3. We help you not just in planning but also ensure a compliance to the plan on a monthly basis
  4. We open a trading and demat account for you wherein you can see all your investment (in Mutual Funds, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Government Bonds, Equities, etc) at one place
  5. . We analyse your returns on investment and give you a report card of the performance of your investments

Various Financial Instruments:

  1. Mutual Funds
  2. Bank Fixed Deposits
  3. Corporate Fixed Deposits
  4. Equities
  5. Bonds
  6. Gold Bonds

In other words — Look at us as doctor who not just diagnose your health and recommends medications, but also ensure that you take the medicines on time and give you a health report card on a regular basis!! How cool is that!! :)