About Us

We are a bunch of professionals with a passion to make life uncomplicated. With an aim to give focussed and a one stop solution to all tour financial needs. A human beings financial needs can be broadly classified into the following 4 categories:

1. Investments
2. Loans
3. Taxes
4. Business consulting

Since our birth we have lived on one principle.. ‘Health is Wealth’.. but nobody told us whether the saying was with reference to ‘physical’ health or the ‘financial’ health.. especially since most of our major decisions such as which stream of studies should we select.. which college.. which course.. whether job or entrepreneurship.. if job then which job.. which company.. what profile.. our performance.. our appraisals.. all our decisions, all our aspirations, all our ambitions and all our dreams are mainly “financial” in its true nature!!

Yet.. ironically when it comes to investments.. when it comes to insurance planning.. when it comes to retirement planning.. we rely on our distant ‘relative’ or a ‘close’ friend.. or a ‘elderly’ insurance agent for deciding for us.. When it comes to physical health.. if the doctor tells us we have got dengue, we are habitual to take a “second opinion”.. but when it comes to financial health we blindly follow the instructions of the distant relative or the elderly person. Such know-it-all elderly person or distant relative is more often then not an ‘Insurance Agent’.. who earns a commision for the sale of the insurance policy. Now imagine a doctor who gives you medical advice and instead of taking the fees from you he gets paid from the medicine company.. so more he sells the medicines more his income!! Will you go to such a doctor?! Will he prescribe the medicines which are best or you.. or will he prescribe the medicines which pay him the maximum income?

The money is yours.. the choice is yours!!

Our Young Brigade:
– Ashwin Kamat, Sanjeev Korde, Deepak Jalmi, Parind Phaldesai